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Still Worth Saving

//stand my ground

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A Phoenix Wright and Apollo Justice universe

Still Worth Saving
// stand my ground

So long innocence
Until this world starts making sense
I’ll hold a light
Hold on
If we stand for something
Then we’re still worth saving
Stand up for your rights
- The Quiet, "Clarion Call"

Stand my ground, I won't give in
No more denying, I gotta face it
Won't close my eyes and hide the truth inside
If I don't make it, someone else will
Stand my ground
- Within Temptation, "Stand My Ground"

Welcome to Still Worth Saving // stand my ground, an Ace Attorney universe written by doctorskuld and kiyala.

Welcome to standmy_ground! This is a compilation of fanfiction by Skuld and Kii written for CAPCOM's Ace Attorney series. The SWS//smg universe is the brainchild of Skuld and Kii's long nights, and is meant to encompass all four Ace Attorney games, providing an additional story line from before the first game, filling in the gaps between the cases in the games, and onto after the fourth game ends. The work here is not written in chronological order, so a timeline has been constructed to aid you in placing each piece in its proper context.

You are warned now that the content ranges from G to NC-17, so proceed with care. The central pairing in this universe is Miles Edgeworth/Phoenix Wright, with other minor pairings. This means that there will be fanfiction with graphic sex between two men. If you do not like the concept, do not read it.

Skuld’s individual fanfiction: We Are Writing Dreamers
Kii’s individual fanfiction: Shanny's Corner

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Ace Attorney and all its characters are copyrighted by CAPCOM.

All works of fiction on this site were written by doctorskuld and kiyala

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…an Ace Attorney universe